SONOFF ZBMINI-L ZigBee Mini Smart Switch


SONOFF ZBMINI-L ZigBee Mini Smart Switch, 2 Way Light Switch, Compatible with Alexa, SmartThings Hub, Google Home and SONOFF.

  • No Neutral Wire Required.
  • External Switch Connected.
  • Compatible with other Zigbee Hubs.
  • Two-way Control.
  • TÜV certified.
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SONOFF ZBMINI-L ZigBee Mini Smart Switch, 2 Way Light Switch, Compatible with Alexa, SmartThings Hub, Google Home and SONOFF.

  • No Neutral Wire Required – Single live wire Zigbee 3.0 protocol smart switch, fits all the situations of the electrical wiring for the home.
  • External Switch Connected – Supported rocker light switch and push-button wall switch.
  • Compatible with other Zigbee Hubs – Supports being added to any Zigbee hub developed according to the standard protocol, including Amazon Alexa Echo Speaker (Built-in Zigbee Hub), Samsung SmartThings Hub, SONOFF ZBBridge, SONOFF Zigbee Dongle Plus.
  • Two-way Control – By installing ZBMINI-L in one of your existing two- or multi-way control junction boxes to make the connected light smart.
  • Safety and Reliability – In addition to the CE, FCC certification, ZBMINI-L has also passed the TÜV certification.
Operation Mode Smart Switch
Current Rating 10 Amps
Switch Style Push Button, Rocker
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.13 x 1.77 x 0.94 inches
Circuit Type 2-way
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Actuator Type Push Button
International Protection Rating IP00
Number of Positions 2



Product Description

SONOFF ZBMINI-L ZigBee Mini Smart Light Switch No Neutral Wire Required

SONOFF Zigbee-L Smart switch

SONOFF ZBMINI-L Smart Light Switch
SONOFF ZBMINI-L Mini Smart Light Switch
SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee Smart Light Switch

SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee MINI Smart Light Switch

SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee MINI Smart Light Switch

SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee MINI Smart Light Switch

Safety first

The SONOFF team designed the product in strict accordance with the certification requirements and continuously optimized the details, so that ZBMINI-L could successfully pass the rigorous testing of the major formal certification bodies. In addition to the basic certification, ZBMINI-L has also passed the more stringent TÜV certification.

Protection against electric shock Always safe, even in unusual situations

By simulating an abnormal short circuit of the product, we test every part that can be shorted. Ensures that the product is protected against electric shock, even under fault conditions, that there is no combustion or flame, and that no part reaches a high temperature that could create a fire hazard in the surrounding areas.

Superior quality and reliability as always

For example, in the field of conduction, the electricity extraction circuit has been optimized by technical means so that the large number of harmonics generated in the operating state is reduced or eliminated. The conductivity data can still meet the standard at full load, reducing the interference on the grid.

SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee MINI Smart Light Switch

SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee MINI Smart Light Switch

SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee MINI Smart Light Switch

More Auto Timer Ways For Easier Life

You may forget to turn off the light after leaving home. Don’t worry, this smart switch can do this for you anytime, anywhere.

Make existing 2-way or 3-way control smart – just one ZBMINI-L

By installing ZBMINI-L in one of your existing dual or multiple control junction boxes to make connected lighting smart.

Standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol

The SONOFF ZBMINI zigbee smart switch must work with ZigBee Hub (required). Compatible with SONOFF ZBBridge, Amazon Hub, Samsung SmartThings Hub and Philips Hue Bridge.

Dimensions 1.77 × 0.94 cm
Operation Mode

‎Smart Switch

Current Rating

‎10 Amps



Switch Style

‎Push Button, Rocker

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.13 x 1.77 x 0.94 inches

Circuit Type


Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount

Actuator Type

‎Push Button

Number of Positions



‎CE, Tüv

Controller Type

‎Push Button, Google Assistant, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa

Control Method


Connectivity Protocol


Unit Count

‎1.0 Count

Number of Items


Part Number


Item Weight

‎2.12 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.13 x 1.77 x 0.94 inches

Item model number



‎ZBMINI-L 1-Pack

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

March 1, 2022





8 reviews for SONOFF ZBMINI-L ZigBee Mini Smart Switch

  1. Marc F

    No Neutral smart relay reviewGreetings! I hope everyone is having a fantastic evening. I’m posting up a review on the relay I just finished installing.I have an old light switch run with no neutral. Running a neutral to it while doable would be a pain and cost $20-30 USD in wire at current pricing. I started looking for an alternative solution and was suggested the Sonoff mentioned above. After reading it fit all my needs. It came in at $18.99 before tax on Amazon, which was cheaper than the wiring would be to replace, not factoring in my time and effort to swap the wire and run the $26 switch I’d been planning on using. It arrived today and was installed pretty quickly. I’ve noted a few things that anyone using the switch should consider.ConsThe relay is noticeably loud when turning on/off compared to nearly every other switch/relay I’ve used. This is a click or clap.If you have a shallow box or a bunch of wire(s) in the box, you may run into space issues. I had nothing but the inbound 14/2, relay, and a paddle switch. The switch is very cozy with the relay. Shimming around the wires was doable but also a pretty tight fit.It doesn’t mate up immediately with Hubitat. The website could have been more helpful with this. However, Reddit came to the rescue quickly. Change the type to Generic Zigbee Switch, and it’ll work fine. YMMV with other hubs.ProsIt did exactly what I wanted with minimal effort.It’s cheapIt appears to be well-made with solid construction. I can’t speak for the insides, but in my experience, if you’re going cheap, it’ll appear in the entire package.Ultimately I’m glad I bought it. It was for my basement, so I don’t care about the loudness there. I wish it were slimmer/quieter, but I can’t complain. Cheers and happy holidays, all!

  2. Michael Dornisch

    Reliable, easy to install – but watch out with the GPIO / Switch pins!I use these with Zigbee2MQTT in Home Assistant – I have 6 installed in various switch boxes, inside fluorescent light fixtures, all over the place. They quickly pair to your existing zigbee network and I’ve had them installed over a year without them dropping off the network. There’s 2 minor problems you should look out for, however.1. The housing is a little bit flimsy. If you press hard enough on the housing, you can trigger the hardware button. And holding the hardware button puts it into pairing mode. On my first install inside a wall box, some of the wires were pressed up against the box and it kept going into pairing mode. Just make sure you have good placement for the relay inside the wall box.2. Do not let the 2 switch lines short to ground. This can be especially difficult if you have a metal junction box. If they do, you hear a little pop, and the switch functionality of the relay is fried. If this happens, you can still remotely turn the light on and off – you just can’t use the local light switch any more.Outside of those problems, I can still recommend these if you’re looking to automate your home

  3. Chuck

    Not for low-power LED lightsThe bright LED in photo is using a neutral-required zwave switch. The dim light in the photo is using this product. These switches were easy to pair and use, unless the load is a low-power LED (less than 40W equivalent) and then it was difficult. Normal screw in bulb over 40w equivalent- Great! Nightlight or dimmable LED – does not work correctly (or for nightlight LED, not at all). I’ll keep these for appropriate locations elsewhere, but use the neutral-required as my primary zwave switches.

  4. A. Doucette

    Works well, one of smallest zigbee smart switch relay availableI have just installed three of these today and have two more to do. As with other users, getting the device to fit into the switch box is a concern, but was doable. The simple fact of connecting six wires to it takes the most room. Otherwise I think this is one of the smallest smart relays available with Zigbee protocol. In my case, I easily fit two relays into a USA 3-gang box with three rocker light switches, so size was not a big deal.They paired easily with home assistant (HAOS) running ZHA and I can turn them off, on, and view status.I can also confirm that they do work as Zigbee network repeaters.Others have lamented the instructions but I found that the manual available from the manufacturer’s website was more than sufficient and in fairly clear English.

  5. Nelson

    Excellent Device if you know what you’re doing. If not probably try something more standard.For all of those saying these are garbage and lose connection, I think you need to understand how the ZigBee protocol works.If you have one ZigBee router or “hub” in a normal sized house, this probably won’t work well for you. Similar to Z wave, ZigBee works better the more wired devices you have. So if you have 3 or 4 of these spread out around your house rather than just one in the upstairs bedroom and the router in the basement, you’ll probably have a lot more luck.For those saying these are too big, they’re really not. If you learn to manage the wires properly, a standard US box with a light switch will fit these just fine.As far as a ZigBee “hub” goes, I personally hate Alexa and think the ZigBee integration is extremely basic at best. The sonoff hub will probably do the trick, but for those who have the time to invest in a proper smart home, I recommend purchasing a raspberry pi, or any small computer, with a USB ZigBee router and learning how to run Home Assistant. I guarantee this will change your life and open possibilities you had never previously thought of.Great Product. Excellent work sonoff.

  6. Mac

    Working well but way too largeThis seems to be working well so far but it is not fit to be placed in the back box behind the light switch, in Ireland anyway…What I had to do was to push the Sonoff into the cavity and then run two wires through the back box to the actual light switch.It’s working but if anything goes awry then it’s going to be a pain to get into it to repair etc…If I’d solid walls then this would need to go back..Also, when the light is on, the bulbs make a slight buzzing noise, quite low though. I’ve been switching between various ZigBee wall switches and similar Tuya devices to this and this is by far the best so far…

  7. Petrus W

    This worked for about an hour then stopped.The Sonoff ZBMini-L worked for about an hour then stopped and has since been unresponsive reporting NO POWER in Alexa and whilst it initially was able to control some lights and a fan that degraded to reporting NO POWER. That was patently incorrect as the switch could toggle the load on or off via the pairing button or the connected mechanical switch for some hours. That then further degraded to the relay toggling the switch on and off at eratic intervals unbidden making me indeed check my house wiring. That proved the wiring was not faulty and definitely not intermittent. I raised this with Amazon who passed it on to Sonoff who responded within less than 24 hours to confirm faulty and offered refund or replace at our option. I chose to replace via the Amazon process and the replacement was here within 24 hours so service was excellent. However new switch also paired but was then unresponsive, NO POWER so looked at Alexa for issues. Firmware is the latest for our Echo Plus 2 but this is 2nd generation not 4th generation but does support Zigbee 3.0 and should work. However our Echo does not have the Zigbee symbol on the base as claimed. Uninstalled and reinstalled Alexa app and ordered Echo 4th generation to see if this is any different. We have some 60cm thick walls (280 year old house) but a wide passage through which signal from Eero Pro 6 should be mostly unobstructed. Will now wait for new Echo 4th gen and if that does not resolve things then try new Sonoff ZB S26R2ZBTPG Smart Plug which acts as a router should the issue be with successful delivery of messages.

  8. MM57

    Works with SmartthingsWired up, put into search mode and the Smartthings app on my Android phone located the device within seconds. Early days but working perfectly with Smartthings Hub and voice controlleed via Alexa with no lag an Alexa voice commands.One week later and still working as above.

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